Connect with all your trading partners.

Send and receive orders, invoices and delivery notes automatically. Without any manual work and tedious integration projects - directly in your ERP.

Connect with all your trading partners

Send and receive orders, invoices and delivery notes automatically. Without any manual work and tedious integration projects - directly in your ERP.

One click to rule them all.

With Sento, you can easily achieve full automation of B2B processes with your trading partners. Month-long integration projects are a thing of the past.

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Meet all system requirements of your partners

Sooner or later, your listing in the trade requires a technical connection to Rewe and co. Use our direct connection to the ERP of your retail partner. Our platform supports you with smooth processing so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Strong negotiating position

Fulfil all integration wishes of your trading partners with sento

Interface complianace

Avoid expensive and unwanted penalties

Integration with all trading partners

End-to-end from your ERP to the customer ERP

Exchange of all documents

Send and receive all receipts electronically

Forget EDI

We take care of all your interfaces

Automate your business processes

Avoid manual work and errors when transferring documents to your ERP system. Exchange documents and data with your partners - from your production to your end customer.

Zero Touch Operations

Avoid non-value-added manual work thanks to automation

Highest data quality

No additional data collection in sento necessary

99.9% accuracy

Avoid errors due to inadequate entries or master data

Your ERP as single source of truth

All data and document flows clearly arranged in your ERP

Data in real-time

Get your stock, delivery status and more in real time

Plug & Play integration – out of the box

Save valuable time and resources with our all-in-one platform, without having to make any changes to your ERP. Simple integration so you can get started right away. Expandable at any time with additional document types or trading partners.

Up to €5,000 savings per interface

No project costs or hidden fees

Time saving of 90%

Avoid time-consuming integration projects

Get started immediately

No technical expertise or training required

Deep Cloud ERP Integration

Integrate with all ERP systems with just a few clicks

Customization of your integrations

Customize sento to your needs at no extra cost


Get started now

Lucian Riediger, Co-Founder of Sento
Contact us now and we can exchange ideas without obligation.

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