Press release - 16.12.2021

Press release - 16.12.2021

Sento.io extends pre-seed funding with top tier investors to €2 million

  • The supply chain automation startup has announced an extension of its pre-seed funding round
  • The pre-seed funding led by Picus Capital has been extended to €2 M by top-tier investors.
  • New investors include founders of Celonis, Checkout.com (via Zinal Growth), Zalando, Flatiron Health (via Operator Partners), Forto, GoCardless, Billie, and Tom Stafford (DST Global).

sento.io offers software solutions for a fully automated, digital exchange of business-critical documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes, and invoices. Since its launch in January, the start-up founded by Felix Krauth, Lucian Riediger, and Nimar Blume revolutionizes data exchange along global supply chains.

"Many people are surprised when we describe to what extent global supply chains are still dependent on fax, email, or outdated system integration technologies. Our vision is to create a global infrastructure to lead B2B data exchange into the 21st century - 100% cloud and API-based" explains Co-Founder and CEO Felix Krauth.

The pre-seed financing led by Picus Capital (Munich) was recently extended to €2 million. The decisive factor for the extension was the great interest shown by well-known entrepreneurs from the EU and US. The list of new investors includes founders of three European "Decacorns" (Celonis, Checkout.com via Zinal Growth, Zalando), more high-profile founders (Operator Partners, Forto, GoCardless, Billie), as well as Tom Stafford (MD of DST Global, private investment).

"From day 1, we were very impressed by the great vision and clarity of the team’s product strategy. Within a very short time, Felix, Lucian, and Nimar created a Plug & Play Platform that can already connect a large part of the German food industry via API," says Oliver Heinrich, Partner at Picus Capital.

The capital will primarily be used for the further development of the product and the expansion of the team. In addition to the already implemented connection of food retailers and suppliers, the solution is to be extended by further use cases and thus be used in supply chains of the entire "Fast Moving Consumer Goods" segment.

If you are interested in further information or an interview with the founders, please contact press@sento.io.

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