Fully automated exchange of B2B documents

We facilitate your growth and help you generate added value through automated processes and seamless integration with your trading partners.

The Founders

We put our customers' needs first, approach problems with curiosity, and are on fire for digital technologies and products.

Lucian Riediger


I take great pleasure in driving innovation forward with our team. I am motivated every day to develop a fully automated communication solution that can be easily integrated into the ERP. This makes B2B communication as easy as shopping in the supermarket.

Felix Krauth


Product at sento means solving real-world problems through automation in cross-functional teams every day. I love working with talented and inspiring people on big problems and finding a best-in-class solution to a widespread problem.

Nimar Blume


Fundamentally changing business-to-business communication and defining a new way of doing things is my most motivating challenge yet. I want to help FMCG Brands grow and realize their full potential to automate manual processes.

The Team

We firmly believe that different backgrounds, mindsets and experiences create crazy ideas that ultimately change the world.

The Investors

The high-profile investors and sparring partners share our mission to build the leading platform for structured data exchange in B2B commerce of the future. They support us with their expertise, network and experience in scaling sento.

Picus Capital

Picus Capital is an early-stage venture capitalist with a long-term investment philosophy. They have invested in more than 70 companies in over 15 countries, including Personio, Enpal and Kin.

Sebastian Schuon

After founding and selling Stylight, Sebastian decided to start another company, Alasco. He also invests in emerging tech startups as a business angel and sparring partner.

Maximilian Wühr

Maximilian is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Manager at finn.auto, an automotive market disrupter. He also invests as a business angel in promising startups with big visions.

Become part of our team!

We look forward to working with you. Check out our open positions and feel free to contact us.

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